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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A private middle school in Memphis, Tennessee booked three charter buses for an upcoming 8th-grade campus tour of local colleges and universities. The educational tour included stops at Rhodes College, Christian Brothers University, and the University of Memphis. The school required transportation for 150 students and 12 chaperones for the full-day excursion. With multiple pickup locations across Memphis, the bus rental company charged a flat rate of $1,200 per bus for the day, totaling $3,600 for the complete charter bus rental. Each bus had a capacity of 56 passengers, providing ample seating for students, faculty chaperones, and storage space for lunches and personal items.

Example #2:

A major corporation in Memphis, Tennessee recently booked a fleet of charter buses for their annual corporate leadership retreat. With over 200 executives and managers attending the multi-day event, they needed reliable transportation from the airport to the conference venue and hotels. Their quote included three full-sized charter buses, each with capacity for 56 passengers and ample storage space for luggage. Since the retreat spanned four days with activities across the city, the quote was based on a daily rate of $1,200 per bus. Additional costs included parking fees at venues, as well as hotel accommodations for the professional teammate. With gratuity and travel fees, the total price for the charter bus rental came to $15,000 – a worthwhile investment for seamless group transportation during this important corporate event!

Example #3:

A Memphis high school football team needed transportation for their playoff game in Nashville, a 3-hour drive away. The team had 45 players, 6 coaches, and plenty of equipment to bring along. To accommodate everyone comfortably, they booked a 56-passenger charter bus for a two-day rental. The bus company charged a flat rate of $1,200 for the first day, which included 10 hours of service and 200 miles of travel. For the second day, they were billed $800, as the team only needed the bus for 6 hours of travel back to Memphis. Parking fees at the hotel and stadium added $75 to the total cost. The teammate’s hotel stay was $150, and the team left a $300 gratuity for their excellent service. In the end, the two-day Memphis to Nashville charter bus rental cost the team $2,525, which came out to around $45 per person – an affordable rate comfortable group transportation!

Example #4:

A local high school in Memphis, Tennessee recently booked a day trip with us for their senior class field trip. The school needed transportation for 60 students and 5 chaperones to tour several historic sites in the city. We provided them with a full-sized charter bus with 56 seats to accommodate their group comfortably. Since this was a local trip within Memphis lasting around 8 hours, we charged them an hourly rate of $125 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours required. This came out to $1,000 for the day trip before factoring in the team member gratuity. The school also had to pay any parking fees or toll costs incurred during their travels. To make the most of their budget, they packed lunches for the students rather than stopping at restaurants. By planning ahead and giving us their detailed itinerary, we were able to provide an accurate quote and ensure a smooth trip for their senior class!

Example #5:

For a recent wedding in Memphis, the bride and groom requested a shuttle service for their guests to travel between the ceremony venue and the hotel. With over 100 guests attending from out of town, they opted for a 56-passenger charter bus to accommodate everyone comfortably. The rental company charged $850 for the day, plus a $100 teammate’s hotel fee and a recommended 20% gratuity for the team member. Since the wedding party wanted the bus decorated with ribbons and flowers, they paid an additional $75 fee for the decor service. In total, their charter bus transportation cost $1,150 for a seamless and stylish experience for their special day!

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