National Ornamental Metal Museum

Most folks don’t even know Memphis has a world-class museum dedicated solely to metalwork and sculpture. But you’re not most folks, are you? This hidden gem celebrates the humble hammer, anvil, and forge through both permanent and rotating exhibits. From grand architectural installations to intricate jewelry pieces, each mind-blowing creation demonstrates what masters of the craft can do with metal. The museum isn’t just about admiring beautiful artwork, though – it’s about hands-on creation too. Stop by on one of their popular blacksmithing class nights or to catch a live demonstration by a visiting artist. By the time you’ve witnessed red-hot iron and bronze transformed before your eyes, you’ll never look at that rusty toolshed out back the same way again.

Address: 374 Metal Museum Dr, Memphis, TN 38106

Phone: (901) 774-6380

Woodruff-Fontaine House Museum

Calling all architecture buffs and antique lovers! This stunning Victorian mansion offers a window into upper-class life during the Gilded Age. Marvel at the opulent parlors, ruby-red stained glass, and hand-carved woodwork as your guide regales you with scandalous tales of the families who called this place home. After exploring all 23 rooms, you’ll understand why the Woodruff-Fontaine is widely considered the finest example of Victorian-era architecture in the city. Make a whole day of it by booking one of the house’s specialty tours like the Victoria & Albert Tea or Behind the Velvet Ropes. Indulge in finger sandwiches and scones at the former, or uncover usually restricted areas like the wine cellar and servants’ quarters during the latter. With your charter bus waiting out front, there’s no need to rush off – milk this glimpse into the past for all it’s worth.

Address: 680 Adams Ave, Memphis, TN 38105

Phone: (901) 526-1469

Fourth Bluff Park & Mississippi Greenbelt

Memphis may be a concrete jungle of towering skyscrapers and bustling city streets, but you’re never far from wide open green spaces. Case in point: the jaw-droppingly beautiful Fourth Bluff Park. This sprawling greenspace offers a well-deserved respite from the fast pace of downtown with its cool forests, rushing creeks, and miles of scenic hiking trails. For incomparable views of the Mississippi, follow the paved Greenbelt all the way to its scenic bluff overlooks. The best spots for shutterbugs are the sandstone rocks jutting over the river – just watch your step if the weather’s been wet! Avid bird-watchers can look for over 200 species of our feathered friends, including impressive birds of prey like hawks and eagles soaring overhead.

Address: 427 Groton Pl, Memphis, TN 38117

Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum

For a powerful dose of history, few spots can match the impact of the Slave Haven house. This unassuming home concealed a life-changing secret for years: a hiding place used to harbor escaped slaves traveling the Underground Railroad to freedom. Today, the tragic but ultimately uplifting story comes alive through immersive exhibits and the knowledgeable museum staff. Descend into the original trapped cellar where the secluded runaways huddled in darkness and listen for sounds only they would recognize as safe. Your guided tour concludes in the modern museum building, which displays rare artifacts from the era alongside first-hand narratives of former slaves’ unimaginable struggles. It’s a profoundly moving experience that reminds us how far we’ve come – and how far we still have to go.

Address: 826 N Second St, Memphis, TN 38107

Phone: (901) 526-1469

Lafayette’s Music Room

If these walls could talk, they’d sing the blues. At Lafayette’s, you’re transported to a quintessential 1920s-style Memphis jazz club – right down to the anchovy-topped “drunken” brownie bites. But it’s the intimate live music setting that’ll really sweep you back in time. From boozy barrelhouse jams to wailing gospel hymns, musical acts representing all flavors of the city’s deep-rooted sound take the stage here. So grab a Vieux CarrĂ© cocktail and settle into one of the plush, candlelit VIP booths to experience the real soul of Memphis. The cozy, saloon-style vibe means seating is limited, so call ahead to snag a premium table near the tiny corner stage. If you’re planning an extra-special event and want to treat your group to dinner and a show, inquire about renting out the entire joint. With a private charter bus waiting to whisk you away once the last mournful chord fades, even a rowdy celebration stays classy and contained.

Address: 2119 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

Phone: (901) 207-5282

Dixon Gallery & Gardens

Leave the bustle of the city behind among the serene meadows and manicured English gardens of the Dixon. This 17-acre estate envelops visitors in lush, romantic scenery and world-class art all at once. Start by wandering the gorgeous grounds, graced with blooming flower beds, hidden grottos, and even a surprising indoor/outdoor gallery nestled within the arboretum. Then explore the mansion’s museum-quality collection of French Impressionist paintings and antique porcelain figures from the 18th century. Bring your easels or camera too – the Dixon was practically built to inspire artists. Once you’ve soaked up all the beauty, unwind at the Cafe at the Dixon for a refreshing dose of local cuisine. Snag a table on the terrace to savor dishes crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients while drinking in views of the impeccably landscaped gardens.

Address: 4339 Park Ave, Memphis, TN 38117

Phone: (901) 761-5250

Pinball Museum

Warning: this place is ridiculously fun. But that’s exactly what you’ll need after a day exploring heavy-hitting spots like the Slave Haven museum. Perfect for releasing your inner child AND feelin’ that classic Memphis groove, the Pinball Museum has gotta be one of the most unique hangouts in the city. Bypass the aging arcade games at the entrance and let the rhythmic thwack-thwack-thwack of over 40 pinball tables guide you straight to the good stuff. Organized by era, this wildly nostalgic collection encompasses over 60 years of classic pinball wizardry. Sample the primitive novelty of woodrail games from the 1930s, or test your mad flipper skills at a vintage ’70s table brought to life with rocking sounds and dazzling disco lights. Load up your game card and wander at your leisure – the only thing more thrilling than battling for a replay is the flashback to simpler times.

Address: 549 N Main St, Memphis, TN 38105

Phone: (901) 205-3440

Hampline Brewing Company

Craft beer fans already know: the best brews are the local ones you can’t find anywhere else. At Hampline, that means seasonal bock beers, crisp European-style lagers, and cozy taproom vibes year-round. This low-key, no-frills brewpub greets you with an unmistakable hit of farm-fresh aromas as soon as you walk through the red barn doors. How’s that for an all-American welcome? Whether you belly up to the bar for a cold pint of their Gasoline Stout or relax on the patio putting away Panhead pitchers, Hampline keeps things simple – as all good neighborhood hangouts should. After sampling their ever-rotating tap selection of small-batch brews, you’ll see why Memphians consider this hidden hideout a saving grace amid the city’s craft beer renaissance.

Address: 5768 Rosswood Lane, Memphis, TN 38120

Phone: (901) 417-7598

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